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Founded by journalists with a focus on quality editorial, Steel Media is the publishing company behind PocketGamer.co.uk, PocketGamer.biz, Quality Index, AppSpy and more. We also product customer magazines in partnership with a variety of blue chip companies, supply editorial content for syndication, and have the most dextrous thumbs this side of the orangutan infested jungles of South East Asia.

Steel Media boasts award-winning editorial and design credentials, with key staff including former editors of Edge and Eurogamer, and the team having everything from Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Dreamcast Magazine, PC Format and PC Gamer to T3, What Mobile, Mobile Choice and Mobile Entertainment, as well as the nationals, on its collective CV.

We have an impressive track record on the commercial side too, with experience in providing everything from targeted marketing campaigns to full customer communications solutions for blue chip clients.

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Steel Media offer a wide range of contract publishing, design and editorial services as well as the opportunity to promote your products and services on our market-leading websites.

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Sales & Business development:
Chris James
Creative & Web Development:
Jez Bridgeman
PocketGamer.co.uk editorial:
Rob Hearn
PocketGamer.biz editorial:
Jon Jordan
PocketGamer.fr editorial:
Joao Diniz Sanches

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