Here’s where we explain why you should spend your marketing budget with us, rather than on a slap-up lunch. (If you’re already convinced, you can email our ad team right away).

Specialist websites mean dedicated audiences

Marketing online isn’t about bombarding the mainstream millions who might care about your product. It’s about reaching out to the enthusiasts who will love it.

Our consumer websites, Pocket Gamer and PocketPicks, are streets ahead in their field, read by passionate early adopting gamers and technology lovers who live and breathe new products. And our trade publication,, is the only dedicated mobile games B2B channel in the world.

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Unique opportunities for mobile sector advertisers

Our sites 100% target the new pocket gaming mobile and handheld sector, which is currently under-served by existing media sources. We aim to:

  • Deliver the best news, features and reviews across all pocket gaming formats
  • Help mobile gamers see beyond the big brands to find the games really worth playing
  • Actively expands the mobile and handheld market through education and promotion
  • Delivers games via affiliates. Read a good review? Click, buy, and play!
  • Provides a high quality advertising environment for communicating with a community of dedicated mobile and handheld consumers and insider
  • Offers a medium for engaging and informing the wider mobile industry

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Exploit our integrated advertising solutions

As you’d expect from a company covering the cutting-edge, we offer advertisers a multi-platform solution, so you can be heard wherever your consumers go:

  • Pocket Gamer has a fast-growing version optimised for mobile
  • We produce print magazines in conjunction with top-tier operators, providing a direct route to consumers
  • We can deliver custom packages across mobile, Internet and print media
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Experience you can trust

Dealing with Internet websites can be a lottery. While we applaud the anything-goes accessibility of today’s publishing environment, we’d just like to add that Steel Media’s management:

  • Have worked for some of the biggest publishing houses in the country
  • Boast more than 50 years combined work experience in publishing
  • Have edited magazines and created customer solutions read by millions
  • Have spouses, partners, children, pets and a healthy interest in affairs of the day
  • Would love to meet for lunch, at your convenience or at our MD’s club

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Steel Media offer a wide range of contract publishing, design and editorial services as well as the opportunity to promote your products and services on our market-leading websites.

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